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About Barbara Chiono 
It is my pleasure to be with A Plan For Senior Care and offer my services to help guide you through your search for senior care and housing. I too have gone through the emotional challenge of trying to find the right care and housing for an elderly parent. I understand the emotional roller coaster ride it can be without professional guidance.

I am married to a wonderful man, and we have two sons. My father passed away when the boys were very young, and it was then we realized my mother could no longer live alone. After going through the ups and downs of depression and loneliness in Oregon that first year, she finally decided to move to California to live with us. She stayed with us for several years. She was happier than she had been in Oregon, but I thought she would benefit from socializing with people her age in a senior community.

We found a fantastic senior apartment for Mom. She moved into her apartment and quickly made some friends. After three years we began to notice that she was starting to ask the same questions repeatedly, becoming very disoriented and wandering. She did not want to move. She grew increasingly agitated, and that’s when the most challenging days came.

My husband, my siblings and I made a decision, and not an easy one. She needed a place with a 24-hour awake staff to keep her safe and secure. I had no idea of what my options were. I spent countless hours searching for care hoping I was locating the right assisted living for my mother. 

At the same time, my husband and his siblings were also dealing with his mother. She had late stage Alzheimer’s and her husband was caring for her. One night we got a call that my father in law had collapsed, and that left my mother in law alone and unattended. All of the siblings quickly gathered and had to start their search for a residential care home for both parents. Again we had no care plan or idea of where to go. 

At this stressful time in my family's life, I could have used the help of a senior living advisor to create a care plan and locate appropriate care and housing for my loved ones.

After my struggles, I decided to become a senior living advisor with
A Plan For Senior Care. My goal is to alleviate stress and worries for families and find the best solution for their loved one. It is my pleasure to guide your family on your journey. 

Guiding Your Search,​
Barbara Chiono
Senior Living Advisor
A Plan For Senior Care
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