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         Searching For Senior Care & Housing?
We offer guidance to help you locate your loved one's best options. 

A Plan For Senior Care wants to make sure all of your senior care needs are met. As professional senior living advisors, we often see the need to provide other services and resources. A Plan For Senior Care works with many other professionals so that we can provide you with a complete care plan. Please let us know if there is a type of service you are interested in, and we will have someone contact you.

Often, families are not sure when it is the best time to consider moving their loved one into assisted living. Use our informational guide below to better understand what to look for to determine if senior care and housing are needed. Please call us if you have any questions. 

AMBULATION- Can the senior safely walk without assistance? Is the senior a fall risk?

DIET- Can the senior bring groceries in and prepare meals? Are the foods in the home fresh and not spoiled or expired? Is the senior eating three meals a day and drinking enough fluids?

FINANCIAL MATTERS- Can the senior still manage his/her finances and money related manners? Is the mail being picked up and are the bills being paid? Are there any concerns of financial abuse? Are credit cards, cash, or checking accounts being misused? Is there a sudden increase in mail order items, or is money being sent to solicitors?

HEALTH- Is there an increase in 911 calls or visits to the doctor? Have doctors, neighbors or family members expressed concerns about the senior?

HOUSEHOLD CHORES- Is the senior able to do routine housework? Is the house cared for, as it normally would have been? Are pets cared for or neglected?

INCONTINENCE- Can the senior still care for his/her toileting needs? Are accidents happening? Does he/ she need physical assistance, reminders, or incontinence care?

MEDICATION MANAGEMENT- Can the senior still manage to refill and to take his/her medication as prescribed? Is there expired medication around the house that the senior may get confused and take?

PERSONAL HYGIENE- Can the senior still bathe and is he/she not having issues with cleanliness? Is the senior able to dress and change his/her clothes daily? Are the clothes appropriate for the weather?

SAFETY- Is the senior putting himself/herself in danger? Some things to look for include leaving the stove on, getting lost away from home, fall risk, stairs in his/her house, falling in the bathroom, and getting locked out of the home. Is there a fear of driving or are there car accidents that have occurred?

SOCIAL LIFE-Has the senior's desire to go on outings and be with friends declined? Is the senior still using the telephone and keeping in contact with others?
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