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About Chere Vought & A Plan for Senior Care

​​A Plan For Senior Care was founded after I had spent many years in the senior placement industry helping families locate care and housing. It was not until I went through the process myself that I realized how stressful and overwhelming the journey was. During my experience, I discovered an important element was missing when a family searches for care and housing.

I was a full time working mother with three sons and had the sole responsibility of my mother and grandmother to care for. As my sons grew, so did my mother and grandmother’s care and life needs. The stress of work, family, and caregiving became overwhelming.

It was time to find senior care and housing for them. I had provided lists of senior care and housing options for hundreds of families, and I thought that their placement would be quick and easy. I never imagined that it would be so difficult.

I soon discovered the placement into care was not going to be so easy for them. Along with their care and housing needs, they had legal, financial, insurance, real estate and medical concerns that needed to be sorted out before I could move them into a safe environment.

I did not know all of what they would need, where to start or what to prioritize first. I needed a compassionate person to understand their unique situation, sort out their needs, provide me with resources and walk me through the entire process of moving a senior into care and housing. 

After experiencing the journey with my loved ones, I became passionate about opening a placement agency that educated and helped families on all of the needs and aspects of a seniors' life. I wanted to help families sort through the chaos, educate them and let them know what step to take next. With guidance and a complete care plan, they could successfully place their loved one into senior care and housing with all of their senior's needs being met. 

It is my personal goal to listen to family’s unique stories, understand all that they are experiencing, and apply my extensive knowledge of the senior care industry to create a complete care plan. 

As the founder of A Plan For Senior Care, I feel it is an honor and a privilege to work with seniors and their families. I will ensure that every family receives the personalized attention they deserve, as they search for senior living options for their loved one. 
It is my goal for families to leave A Plan For Senior Care, feeling relieved, confident and empowered.

Guiding Your Search,    

Chere Vought
Founder, CEO
A Plan For Senior Care
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
RCFE Administrator #6034278740
(949) 313-7965